Šiauliai central outpatient clinic

Working hours: Monday–Thursday: 8-17 Friday: 8–15.30 Information: +370 41 523 869


Chief of Medicine: Mindaugas Maželis
Human Resources Director: Danutė Šimkutė
Deputy Chief of Medicine: Aušra Varpučianskienė

Phone: + 370 41 523 113
Fax: + 370 41 523 115
E-mail: info@siauliupoliklinika.lt
Gubernija Family Doctor’ Consulting Room

Žemaitės st. 102

Phone: + 370 41 545 047
Rėkyva Outpatient Clinic

Energetikų st. 18

Phone: + 370 41 507 317, + 370 41 507 318

Bringing people together. Moving health care forward. We can’t guarantee they’ll always be healthy but we can guarantee they’ll always have the best health care available. Your well-being is our priority. Our Doctors are the difference.

Want to find more about a doctor or find one that can help with a specific need?

Šiauliu Central Outpatient clinic undertakes to provide citizens with quality medical services in the fields of treatment and diagnostics, in public awareness in the prevention of diseases, implementation of prophylactic programs and to educate people’s conscious attitude towards their health and healthy lifestyle.

Siauliai Central Outpatient Clinic also provides the service of Early Correction which concentrates on intensive rehabilitation of children’s development disorders.

Within the main building of the clinic you will find 31 Family Doctors, 8 Doctors of Internal diseases, 4 Gynecologists and 4 Surgeons. The Centre of Mental Health is also found here which consists of 6 Psychologists. Diagnostic research is conducted in the main clinic and other first and secondary services of personal health care are provided here.

Siauliai Central Outpatient Clinic is a non-profit organization established by the municipality of Siauliai. The institution is located in the city’s center near the Water Tower of Siauliai, one of the highest buildings in Siauliai-making for a very convenient and approachable location.

Siauliai Central Outpatient Clinic has held the title of Personal Health Care Centre for thirteen years. This decision was easily made due to the activity provided by the institution. Rekyva and Gubernija Outpatient Clinics also joined the Personal Health Care Centre to form the Greater Šiauliai Outpatient Centre.

Siauliai Central Outpatient Clinic has a signed contract with Siauliai Territorial Health Insurance Fund. This means that patients having the obligatory health insurance and are registered in the clinic are provided with services of personal health care free of charge. First Aid is provided free of charge to all patients.

A German writer C. L. Borne claimed „, there exists thousands of diseases but only one health“. We are grateful for entrusting us with your health care needs. We will not disappoint you. We seek to become the most reliable and modernized outpatient clinic in Siauliai.